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An end to ribbon development and land-use changes

by Smwilmot,

The province as a whole, and the West River Municipal area is engaged in unprecedented development, our area has been radically subdivided, woodlots have been cleared and agricultural areas lost to low density residential development. I believe it is essential that before any future plan is created, we should accurately understand what has been lost in this area since 1990. When we consider the loss of agricultural land and forest areas in this historical context it will become clear that we need prioritize a plan that protects the remaining areas of natural habitat and agricultural areas to maintain the rural character of the area. 20 years from now we don't want to look back at what we had in the 1990's and morn the poor decision making that squandered the natural and agricultural beauty of the area.

The first two priorities for any land-use plan should be no further loss of forested land or agricultural areas.

Protections for wet areas and riparian areas should be increased, current lots have been subdivided and cleared in this municipal area that are technical wetland areas, however, they do not fall on the current provincial survey, so they have permitted by IRAC.

We should also consider the importance of our landscape for tourism over the next 20 years. If we continue to develop we will lose the viewscapes that make this area such an important area for tourism.

We should also consider cycling. Cycling is incredibly popular sport across Canada, and continues to grow, ensuring that we have an infrastructure that supports cycling, and that our roads continue to have beautiful vistas is important for the ongoing economic development of the area.

Similarly, hiking and fishing continue to draw people to the area, so maintaining the natural beauty of the Bonshaw and Strathgartney area should be prioritized. As well as protecting riparian areas to ensure adequate habitat for fish.

Working with the local watershed group and other conservation based groups should be prioritized to coordinate efforts and understand the ecologically important areas.

Specific areas that should be prioritized for protection from development:

1. Any further subdivision on Westville Road

2. Maceachern Road - mature forest in this area, with provincially rare species and likely home to species at risk.

3. Forested areas of St. Catherines and the St. Catherines hiking trail

4. The area around Canoe Cove

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adrian carter 7 months ago
Seaviews and Estuarine Habitats
1. What are your two top concerns for the community in the next 15-20 years?

 a) Conservation/Protection of the Northumberland Strait coastline along Route 19,  
b) Conservation/Protection of freshwater/estuarine habitats in Cumberland and Fairview locations.

 2. What needs to be protected in the community? 

a) The views of the sea along Route 19, particularly Cumberland.
b) The freshwater/estuarine habitats, examples include Black Creek road, Bonshaw area and Dunedin Bridge
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Kirksnd Brenda 9 months ago
Good Day. 

I just want to bring to Your attend that a beautiful parcel of land on Hennebury Road which is 43 acres with 2500 shore frontage that has been for sale for a couple of years has an offer in on it. There are 2 applications C8385A and C8385B before IRAC that want to change these 2 parcels of shore frontage farmland into a subdivision. Also there is a wetland that runs through this property. This property is also adjacent to a very popular and busy beach.  This appears it maybe contrary to your land use objectives. 
Just wanted to bring it to your attention. 

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